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A Survey on External Stakeholders Social Support Research

Social Quality Management; is a manner of rule that provides constant enhancement of the units within the organization, internal or external customer satisfaction oriented behaviour and leadership. The total quality management is based on the satisfaction of people and one of the most significant component of this understanding is the inclusion of all stakeholders to the system by considering them. As seen in most of the branches of service industry, in order to succeed in total quality applications in the field of education, one of the most significant issues is the provision of the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

The pressure caused by the competition forces the universities to reconsider themselves in terms of their objective, organization, process, system and outcomes. The universities within the framework of the understanding of total quality management, which has become an important issue not only in manufacturing sector but also in service sector, has started to consider the groups which are in the position of the receiver of their services, in other words their products more than before.

In order to succeed in total quality applications, all stakeholders, especially the lecturers are supposed tos hare their institutional problems, complaints and solution suggestions with the administrative body. The Administrative Body should also provide feedback to these opinions and suggestions regularly. The management of the institution should support suggestions and projects and do rewarding workshops. The intense competition on global scale has started to influence the universities deeply and the universities have started to compete with each other on international arena.

There is a need to do researches on the reasons of dissatisfaction disclosed by the studies to be carried out with external stakeholders via cause-effect diagram and find solution methods. As a result of the developed reactions, satisfaction measurements are going to be repeated periodically and static solutions will be avoided with the objective of constant development.

In order to research how Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University is evaluated by our external stakeholders, we have prepared A Survey on Social Effect of the University.  We kindly ask you to do share your opinions and do evaluations in this survey study. The results of the research and the enhancement studies to be done are going to be shared with you. Thank you beforehand for your support in this study.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Metin DOGAN