Orientation Meeting for Erasmus plus Student Mobility for Training

Dear Students,

An Orientation Meeting is going to hold for the students who are entitled to take part in 2016-2017 Academic Year Summer Term Erasmus+ Consortium Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Training (First Announcement) Student Mobility for Training (Second Announcement) in order to inform them concerning the procedures they are going to follow and the documents they need to prepare. The date hour and place of the meeting are indicated below.  Attendance to the meeting is compulsory and students have to sign that they attended the meeting. We would like to inform you that student is responsible for any problem that may occur during the process if the student does not attend the meeting. We also would like to inform you that the meeting will also be useful for the student who are interested in p-taking part in the program without grant.  

Meeting: Orientation Meeting for Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Training

Date: 18th of May 2017 Thursday

Time: 3 pm.

Place: AYBU Etlik 15th of July Campus Block A Second Floor Hall 212

International Relations Office

Announcement Date: 15.05.2017

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